Minnetonka Schools Calendar with Holidays 2023-2024 (2024)

Minnetonka Schools Calendar with Holidays for the 2023-2024 school year is now available. The Minnetonka Public Schools calendar for the 2023-2024 school year is designed to provide students, parents, and staff with important dates and information. The calendar includes the first day of school, holidays, half-days, early release days, parent-teacher conferences, and the last day of school.

Minnetonka Schools Calendar 2023-2024

The Minnetonka Schools are located in Minnesota, west of Minneapolis. There are 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools in the district. Around 10,000 students are served by the district.

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The district’s mission is to provide a world-class education that prepares all students for success in college, career, and life. The district offers a variety of programs and services to support its students, including advanced coursework, arts education, athletics, and special education services.

The Minnetonka Public Schools has a long history of academic excellence. In recent years, the district’s graduation rate has been consistently above 90%. Additionally, the district’s test scores are consistently higher than the state average. Check out other schools in Minnesota:- Anoka Hennepin School Calendar, Rochester School Schools Calendar, South Washington County Schools Calendar.

The Minnetonka Public Schools Calendar is an important tool that helps parents, students and staff members stay informed about upcoming events and important dates. With the help of this calendar, they can plan their schedules accordingly and ensure that they don’t miss out on any important activities.

The calendar includes all major holidays, school breaks, professional development days, parent-teacher conferences as well as other significant events such as sports meets, musical concerts and drama productions. It also provides information about early-dismissal days, late-starts or weather-related closures so that families can make necessary arrangements in advance.

To access the Minnetonka Schools Calendar, individuals can visit the district’s official website or download a copy from there. They may also receive regular updates through emails or text messages if they subscribe to the district’s communication channels.

Minnetonka Public Schools Break for the academic year 2023-2024

List ofholidays of Minnetonka Schools, 2023- 2024

First Day of School 20235 September 2023Tuesday
Fall Break 202319 October 2023 – 20 October 2023Thursday – Friday
Thanksgiving Break 202323 November 2023 – 24 November 2023Thursday – Friday
Christmas Break 202321 December 2023 – 1 January 2024Thursday – Monday
Spring Break 202429 March 2024 – 8 April 2024Friday – Monday
Last Day of School 20247 June 2024Friday
Summer Break 202410 June 2024Monday

Minnetonka Public Schools Holidays 2023-2024

Minnetonka Public Schools offer a wide range of holidays throughout the academic year. These breaks provide students and teachers with much-needed rest and relaxation, as well as an opportunity to recharge their batteries before returning to class.

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One of the most popular breaks is Thanksgiving break, which takes place in November. This holiday typically lasts for five days and gives students a chance to spend time with family and friends. It also signals the start of the winter season, which brings with it all kinds of festive activities.

Another important break is Winter Break, which occurs in late December/early January. This two-week hiatus allows students and teachers to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other winter festivities. It’s also an ideal time for families to travel or take part in fun activities like ice skating or sledding.

The calendar also includes several holidays throughout the school year such as:

  • Labor Day,
  • Thanksgiving Day,
  • Winter Break,
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Spring Break,
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day

Please note that schools and offices will be closed on these holidays and there will be no classes held for students.

Minnetonka Public Schools also schedules several half-days throughout the school year for teacher professional development and other purposes. These half-days are scheduled on a rotating basis, so be sure to check the calendar for specific dates.

The calendar also includes important dates such as report card distribution, progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, and other events. It is important to note that the school calendar is subject to change, so be sure to check back for updates and additional information.

It’s also important to note that the district may have to adjust the calendar due to weather conditions and other unforeseen events. Families are encouraged to check the district website and social media channels for updates on school closures, delays, and other important information.

Minnetonka Schools Holiday Calendar 2023-2024

Please note that these dates are subject to change if necessary due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circ*mstances. As the final school year of the 2022-2023 comes to a close, students and staff of Minnetonka Schools can begin looking forward to the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Kindly inquire consistently for any changes that might happen or it is advised to visit the Minnetonka Schools site for their 2023-2024 endorsed schedule.


Ques: When is the Last Day of Minnetonka Schools?

Ans: The last day of school for Minnetonka Schools is June 7, 2024. This date may be subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circ*mstances. However, students and staff can expect the last day of school to be on this date barring any changes.

Ques: When Does School Start in Minnetonka Schools?

Ans: The first day of school for students in Minnetonka Schools is Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

Ques: When is Minnetonka Schools Spring Break?

Ans: Minnetonka Schools Spring break will be from 29th March 2024 to 8th April 2024.

Ques: First Day of Minnetonka Schools?

Ans: The first day of the Minnetonka Schools is 5th September 2023.

Ques: Minnetonka Schools Christmas Break?

Ans: Christmas break in Minnetonka Schools are from 21st December 2023 to 1st January 2024.

Minnetonka Schools Calendar with Holidays 2023-2024 (2024)


Minnetonka Schools Calendar with Holidays 2023-2024? ›

Hours: 8 a.m.-2:40 p.m. Class of 2021 students average an amazing 27.2 on the ACT.

What time does Minnetonka High School start? ›

Hours: 8 a.m.-2:40 p.m. Class of 2021 students average an amazing 27.2 on the ACT.

What month does school start in Minnesota? ›

The first day of school for most students in Minneapolis is Tuesday, Sept. 5.

What day does school end 2023 maryland? ›

2023-2024 Opening and Closing Dates Maryland Public Schools
​First Day​Last Day
Harford​Aug 28June 14
Howard​​Aug 28​June 11
Kent​Sept 5 #June 13
​Montgomery​Aug 28#+June 13
21 more rows

What is Broward Schools proposed calendar 2023 2024? ›

The first day of school for the 2023/24 school year is Monday, August 21, 2023. The last day of school is Monday, June 10, 2024. The approved calendar includes a week-long Thanksgiving break, two full weeks for Winter Break, one week for Spring Break, and additional days off that reflect the diversity of the District.

What is the largest high school in Minnesota? ›

Located in Plymouth, MN, Wayzata High School is the state's largest high school.

What is Minnetonka High School ranked? ›

Minnetonka Senior High School is ranked #276 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.

Do all MN schools start after Labor Day? ›

After all, Minnesota is one of only three states in the nation to mandate school starts after Labor Day.

Will there be school tomorrow in Minnesota? ›

There are currently no closings to display. Click here to see if your city declared a snow emergency.

Is school open today in NYC? ›

No Closings at this time.

How long is a school day Maryland? ›

Schools are required by law to be open for at least 180 days school days, and a minimum of 1,080 school hours during a 10-month period in each school year. Schools must be open for a minimum of 3 hours during each school day.

How many months are in a school year in Maryland? ›

Length of the School Year

The Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 7-103 requires that schools be open for pupil attendance 180 days and a minimum of 1,080 hours during a ten-month period.

Why are schools closed April 10, 2024 in Florida? ›

Sign up for NBC South Florida newsletters. 2024 is the first year Miami-Dade County Public Schools is not having classes on Eid, instead April 10 is a teacher planning day.

How long is summer break in Florida 2023? ›

Summer break in Florida lasts around 11 weeks, with most schools ending on May 26 and starting up again on Aug. 10.

How long is Thanksgiving break in Broward County? ›

The approved calendar includes a week-long Thanksgiving break, two weeks for winter break and one week for spring break.

What time does Minnetonka middle school start? ›

Hours: 9:15 a.m.-3:55 p.m.

How many kids go to Minnetonka HS? ›

Set in the beautiful Lake Minnetonka region, the high school serves nearly 3,400 students and is the one of the most sought-after for open enrollment in Minnesota.

What time does high school start in Garland? ›

High schools

7:30 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

What time does Wayzata West Middle School start? ›

Wayzata High School's start was moved back to 8:20 a.m., the three middle schools' times to 9:10 a.m. and the elementary schools' start times were moved to either 7:45 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. Start time changes were carefully considered over a period of years and were influenced by constituencies and factors that included ...


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