Haikyuu!!: Season 5 - Everything You Should Know (2024)

It’s hard to remember the last time we saw Haikyuu!!. There was an announcement about a film project and it’s been all quiet ever since. Thankfully, Blue Lock has kept the spirits of sports fans alive, but even so, it’s tough not to think about Karasuno High playing volleyball, and that ultimately begs the question, where’s Haikyuu!!: Season 5?

After the fourth season finished airing, the anime’s official Twitter account announced that a two-part film sequel was in the works, and unfortunately, it means there won’t be a Haikyuu!!: Season 5 — yet anyways. The first one of the films is reportedly scheduled to arrive later in 2023, but if you want to know more about the fifth season instead, then here’s everything we know.

When Is Haikyuu!!: Season 5 Coming Out?

The anime was not renewed after the fourth season ended, so right now Haikyuu!!: Season 5 does not have a release date. However, a kick-off event for the first sequel movie is going to be held in August 2023, and it’s likely a global airing will soon follow.

It has also been stated that the two-part movie titled “Haikyuu!! Final” will cover the entire remaining chapters of the manga, and will conclude the anime, which is terrible news since that leaves nothing to adapt for a fifth season.

What Is Haikyuu!!: Season 5 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The upcoming Haikyuu!! movies will continue the story from chapter 293 of the manga. As they’re supposed to adapt all chapters that are still left, then both the Tokyo Finals Arc and Final Arc about Karasuno playing in the Tokyo Nationals and thereafter will be included in the movies.

As for Haikyuu!!: Season 5, it will have to be a totally original story if things are to be kept going. A fifth season ultimately seems very far-fetched, especially since the manga will have been entirely animated, but again, you never know when an anime will return.

Who Is In The Cast Of Haikyuu!!: Season 5?

Odds are that the cast of Haikyuu!!: Season 5 will see some massive changes if it ever happens. A fifth season will probably play out during a time set years after the film adaptations’ ending, so we may be introduced to an entirely new main cast. However, it’s a safe bet that cameos of characters such as Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima will happen.

Kurasuno’s golden team will be involved in one way or another in the next season even if the story takes an unexpected direction, so you can be certain that the lead cast and their voice actors will return. The obvious guesses are that Ayumu Murase will reprise his role as Hinata, Kōki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima, Miyu Irino as Kōshi Sugawara, and perhaps Kaori Nazuka will portray Kiyoko Shimizu again too.

The anime series has introduced hundreds of characters over the course of its decade-long run. Whether its a sequel season, a reboot, or a remake, Haikyuu!!: Season 5 won’t disappoint with it’s world-building

Which Studio Is Making Haikyuu!!: Season 5?

If you haven’t had a chance to notice, then Production I.G is the studio that has animated all Haikyuu!! content till now, and they’ve done that remarkably well. Animation has never been a complaint with the series, and it doesn’t come as a surprise when you find out that Production I.G is also the studio behind other high-quality works like Psycho-Pass, and Ghost in the Shell.

Since all OVAs, seasons, and even the upcoming franchise movie are being animated by them, Haikyuu!!: Season 5 too should be made by Production I.G if it ever happens, although, that won’t be before the Kaiju No. 8 anime debuts at least.

Where Will Haikyuu!!: Season 5 Be Aired?

Haikyuu!!: Season 5 will air on Crunchyroll because the service exclusively has distribution rights to the anime. Apart from Crunchyroll, there still are a select few providers that have all previous seasons of the anime available such as Roku, but they can only be accessed in a handful of regions which is a bummer.

Netflix, Disney+, Funimation, and Hulu don’t have any parts of the anime streaming, so it’s doubtful that Haikyuu!!: Season 5 will ever arrive there. A fifth season is unlikely to happen, but that doesn’t make this the end of Hinata’s journey to the top since there are movies coming up, so in the meantime, you can get excited for them.

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Haikyuu!!: Season 5 - Everything You Should Know (2024)


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