Dwarf Fortress Magma Safe Anvil (2024)

1. Magma-Safe Anvil? - Bay 12 Games

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  • Magma-Safe Anvil?

2. v0.34:Anvil - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • Feb 23, 2024 · ... anvil uses the blacksmithing skill. Magma forge anvils in particular must be magma-safe, which is not a problem for conventionally crafted ...


3. DF2014:Magma forge - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

4. Magma and its long way - Bay 12 Games

  • Jun 3, 2020 · March 6, 2024: Dwarf Fortress 50.12 has been released. ... anvils as maximally quickly as possible? ... - Build a magma safe raising drawbridge at ...

  • Magma and its long way

5. What is magma's effect on natural structures? - Bay 12 Games

  • May 11, 2019 · April 23, 2024: Dwarf Fortress 50.13 has been released. ... What happens when magma contacts non-magma-safe ... magma unless composed of magma-safe ...

  • What is magma's effect on natural structures?

6. Magma-safe materials - mifki

  • Magma-safe materials are those which will not melt, burn, evaporate, or otherwise take damage when in close contact with magma. Most frequently, this comes into ...

  • Magma-safe materials are those which will not melt, burn, evaporate, or otherwise take damage when in close contact with magma. Most frequently, this comes into play when using floodgates operated by mechanisms, or when operating a magma pump. In the game, magma temperature is exactly 12000 °U.

7. Lava Dwarf - BeeStation Wiki

  • Jun 16, 2019 · You'll find in the Crafting Menu under Blacksmithing there are entries for Fort-In-A-Box. These are quick ways to expand your fortress without ...

  • This page documents a feature that was at one point in the codebase, but no longer. It may return at a later date.

8. Anvil - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • Feb 14, 2022 · Наковальня требуется для постройки кузницы (forge) или магма-кузницы (magma forge). Поэтому для производства любых работ с металлом в ...

  • Наковальня требуется для постройки кузницы (forge) или магма-кузницы (magma forge). Поэтому для производства любых работ с металлом в крепости должна быть хотя бы одна наковальня.

9. How to Build Magma Forge in Dwarf Fortress - Touch, Tap, Play

  • Dec 22, 2022 · Magma Forge requires you to use magma-safe materials and an anvil. In order to build a Magma Forge, you will need to create a 9×9 platform ...

  • This guide will tell you how to build Magma Forge in Dwarf Fortress.

How to Build Magma Forge in Dwarf Fortress - Touch, Tap, Play

10. v0.31:Magma forge - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • Sep 28, 2014 · v0.31:Magma forge ; Magma-safe building material (non-economic); Magma-safe anvil · Metal bars ; Weaponsmithing · Armoring · Blacksmithing ...


Dwarf Fortress Magma Safe Anvil (2024)


Is iron magma safe in a dwarf fortress? ›

If you have iron ores, just set them as non-economic stones for a sec in that same Stone Use screen; they are magma safe.

How do you deal with magma in Dwarf Fortress? ›

We will use Fortifications to keep out the magma creatures and channel from above to safely flood the intake pool. Dig an up stair below the pump stack staircase and then mine out one of the flatter sections to the north, leaving a two-tile wide wall between you and the magma pool.

Is green glass magma safe dwarf fortress? ›

All glass is magma safe. Most gems aren't.

Is Obsidian magma safe Dwarf Fortress? ›

Obsidian is magma-safe, moderately valuable, and looks cool. Edit: It is relatively heavy though, so not ideal for rock pots.

What is the most difficult biome in Dwarf Fortress? ›

It basically only gets hard if you settle on tough biomes like evil, savage or cold or with necromancers but even that can be easily managed once you know how to deal with it. Or if you are unlucky you could have some early random dragon or demon visitor or cave inhabitants you can't deal with in your embark.

Which metal is best Dwarf Fortress? ›

Even a well trained but poorly equipped dwarf with a high kinesthetic sense can do well in battle. But yeah, iron or steel works best. That's magnetite, hematite, or limonite ores.

Will magma melt natural walls dwarf fortress? ›

In the game, magma temperature is exactly 12000 °U. Constructions of any material can never melt or burn. Non-constructed ice walls/floors/ramps/stairs will melt if exposed to sufficient heat.

Do volcanoes refill in Dwarf Fortress? ›

You need multiple breaches and/or pumps. The further down you want to go, the more drainage you need. Volcanoes will refill over time, akin to an ocean or lake biome, and they will always refill to their topmost level. It has been that way for some time, even prior to v.

Can volcanoes erupt dwarf fortress? ›

Volcanoes do not erupt during normal game play. There is this odd exception where they erupt when you unretire an old fortress with a volcano or magma pool, but I'm not even sure if that is intentional behaviour. Originally posted by Bralbaard: Volcanoes do not erupt during normal game play.

Can you pump magma in a Dwarf Fortress? ›

Finding magma-safe materials

The Dwarf Fortress wiki is quite confusing when it comes to magma-safe screw pumps: In order to safely pump magma, you must use magma-safe materials, though magma-unsafe metals have been observed to be safe unless the open tile is going to be submerged in magma.

Can you melt ice for water in Dwarf Fortress? ›

If you can get a tile of magma near a tile of ice, the ice will melt into a tile of water. The tricky part is keeping the water and magma from combining into obsidian, and getting the water from where it starts (which will be a spot that will freeze again) to somewhere warm enough to keep it liquid.

Is sand good for Dwarf Fortress? ›

Sand is used in the production of green and clear glass items at a glass furnace (crystal glass items require rock crystal in its place). To collect sand, simply issue the task "Collect Sand" at a glass furnace.

How do you stop magma crabs in Dwarf Fortress? ›

Originally posted by Vivisectus: I avoided this by creating a pool of magma off the main magma pool area, fed by a channel. Then I blocked off the channel with a magna-safe wall grate so the crabs and such cant get in. That way you dont get them in the magma forges.

What is the best ore for weapons Dwarf Fortress? ›

Spoilermetal is, of course, the best for armor and edged weapons. Silver is the best for blunt weapons. Steel is the all around good choice.

What is the lowest layer in Dwarf Fortress? ›

if you are facing a cavern with red/purple coloured groth, then its the lowest and then indeed beneath that is the magma-sea. but if you dont facing that then just dig deeper. also there is an extra-pop up if you reach the magma sea...

Is iron better than Bronze Dwarf Fortress? ›

Depends on the quality of the iron. Poor quality iron is often inferior, but of course actual steel is much better. Bronze can take a great edge but is a a bit softer and can get edge damage in battle/usage quicker. However bronze does have one big benefit over iron/steel, repairability.

What is the best material for armor in Dwarf Fortress? ›

Steel is the best armor you'll get until you find certain very rare metal/other stuffs. It's very good.

What are the strongest creatures in Dwarf Fortress? ›

Angels, and their variants, are the absolute strongest creatures in the game, acting as the "final bosses" of the game if playing in "Adventure Mode".

What is the best metal for weapons and armor in Dwarf Fortress? ›

For most weapons and armor, steel is a professional level for most dwarven militias.


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