17 Awesome do-dates in Rotterdam - Weekends in Rotterdam (2024)

Have you gone for drinks on your first date and are you now looking for something more active? Would you like to surprise your partner with an original date night? Or is it your turn to organize a night out for your friends?

Then keep on reading, because in this article I share 17 amazing do-dates in Rotterdam. From laughing and dancing to climbing and singing, these tips are guaranteed to impress your date!

Get more inspiration by checking out these these unique date ideas in Rotterdam.

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1. Comedy Club HAUG

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The best way to find out if you’re a perfect match is a night at the comedy club. Whether you laugh at the same jokes or turn out to have different humor, one thing is certain: at HAUG you are guaranteed a great evening.

With alternating Dutch and English comedians, they always provide an evening full of humour. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out their open-mic nights where the comedians perform their new jokes for the first time.


Boompjeskade 11, 3011 XE Rotterdam


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Do you have a date, but no date planning yet? Then be sure to check BIRD’s agenda, as there are several events going on here every week. BIRD is a music venue, club and restaurant and their offer varies from live music and a good party to pizza workshops and a bite to eat. For example, visit their Tasting Tuesday or Pizza Wednesday!

TIP: Book a co*cktail workshop at MAVIS, BIRD’s sister company, and learn how to make your own Mojito, p*rnstar Martini or Negroni. In addition, you can show off your dance skills at their Latin Thursdays, visit their stand-up comedy on Wednesdays or go crazy during their DJ nights on Saturdays. More than enough fun to choose from for your next date.


Raampoortstraat 24, 3032 AH Rotterdam

3. De Gele Kanarie

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Put your knowledge to the test with a game of Trivial Pursuit, impress your date during Scrabble or go full focus with Jenga. At De Gele Kanarie you can not only enjoy their delicious homemade beers, but they also have a rich collection of (board) games that you can use for free.

If you fancy a true Old-Dutch game, then go to the stage where you can use the shuffleboards for a classic game of ‘sjoelen’. Should you get hungry while playing, then take a look at their menu for a tasty selection of shared dishes and snack platters. In sum, the perfect place for a fun date!

De Gele Kanarie is also a cozy place to have a drink. Discover even more drinks spots in Rotterdam!


Goudsesingel 284, 3011 KH Rotterdam


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Do you and your date enjoy some good old fashioned competition? Then POING is the perfect place for you. For the fanatics of old-school arcade games, there’s Pacman, Air Hockey, Dance Dance Revolution and more. If the heat of the battle gets too much, you can cool down with a cold beer or refreshing co*cktail.

Lose face in the game hall? Redeem yourself with a serenade in one of the private karaoke boxes. The box can accommodate up to ten people, so gather a group of friends for the re-enactment of Backstreet’s Back or sing your heart out with your date during Angels.

Discover more fun activities with friends!


Schiekade 201, 3013BR Rotterdam

5. Salsability

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Dancing together is the perfect way to test your chemistry. At Salsability they offer both salsa and bachata lessons, so you can show off your moves as well as your charms. Whether you have moves like Jagger or are dancing for the first time, there are classes for each level. Check the schedule to see what suits you.

So if you’re looking for a unique date night, book a separate lesson or go for a four week course at Salsability. This way you can always steal the show on any dancefloor!


Delftseplein 36, 3013 AA Rotterdam

6. Café Roosje

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Fancy a drink, but just a bit different? Take your date for a bottomless brunch at Café Roosje and enjoy an hour and a half of unlimited mimosas. Every Tuesday to Saturday, the cosy café in the Hofbogen offers this fantastic brunch between 12:00 and 15:00, where the only choice you have to make is which of the seven delicious brunch dishes you’d like. The rest is taken care of for you!

So sit back, relax and enjoy a guaranteed fun date! If you want to do this boozy brunch with friends, you can do it in a group up till six people.


Raampoortstraat 38, 3032 AH Rotterdam

7. Jazz Café Dizzy

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Music is extra special when it’s performed live. Whether you and your date feel like dancing or would rather sit back and listen, Jazz Café Dizzy has it all.

Live performances don’t always have to be pricey. At Dizzy, a ticket usually costs €7,50 (students get a discount) and some events are even completely free.

Enjoy the tunes of the talented musicians with a glass of whiskey in hand or give it a go yourself at their Free Flow Jam Sessions. An amazing evening is guaranteed!


’s-Gravendijkwal 127, 3021 EK Rotterdam

8. Walsjérôt

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A wine tasting could not miss from this list, but what makes Walsjérôt so special is their 70 different wines that you can tap yourself. Choose a sip, half glass or enjoy a full glass of your favourite wine.

In addition, they provide tasting forms and aroma circles, so you and your date can turn your tasting into a full experience. If you want to learn more about wine, you can take part in one of their tastings or courses. Cheers to a great date!

Do you already know these wine bars in Rotterdam?


Bentinckplein 5, 3039 KL Rotterdam

9. MONK17 Awesome do-dates in Rotterdam - Weekends in Rotterdam (9)

Wanna get sporty, but still get to know your date better? MONK has both a bouldering gym as well as a bar, so that you can enjoy a nice drink and chat after climbing. A perfect combination!

MONK does not take reservations, so you can just walk in from 9 AM till midnight, seven days a week. With different climbing walls and levels, you can make bouldering as hard as you want. So whether you do it on the regular or it’s your first time, a fun date is guaranteed at MONK!

Love climbing? Kim tips theseclimbing parks and climbing halls in and around Rotterdam.


Ceintuurbaan 183, 3051 KC Rotterdam

10. Poolcafé Delfshaven

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A classic do-date that had to be on the list is a game of pool. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or are practically a professional, all pool levels come together in Poolcafé Delfshaven, and practice makes perfect! In addition to pool, you can also go for a round of darts and order tasty drinks and snacks at the bar.

If you fancy a tasty beer before or after pool, be sure to visit De Pelgrim opposite the poolcafé. This brewery has a cosy atmosphere and makes delicious craft beers for you to taste!


Aelbrechtskolk 45 B, 3025 HB Rotterdam

11.Pubquiz 010

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Can you and your date name all of America’s states? Do you know the greatest hits of the 80s, 90s and 00s? And are you good at remembering random facts? Then a pub quiz is right up your street! Every week the quizmaster has eight rounds of trivia ready for you, ranging from pictures to audio and video. On Tuesdays the quiz is held at Weena and on Wednesdays you’ll find it at Baek.

Both start at 20:30 and last approximately two hours, making it the perfect weekday date! Will you walk away with the grand prize? Book your table here.


Stadscafé Weena: Weena 202, 3012 NJ Rotterdam

Baek: Blaak 329, 3011 GB Rotterdam

12.Waterbus to Dordrecht

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Are you looking for a new date destination outside of Rotterdam? Say no more! Dordrecht is a short trip away from Rotterdam and is the oldest city in Holland. The city is characterized by beautiful canal houses, cosy vintage shops and lovely pubs. In short, perfect for a date!

Does the idea of ​​a pub appeal to you? For a beer tasting you should go to beer café De Tijd in Dordrecht, where they serve no fewer than 150 types of beer. Or do you fancy an old-fashioned tasty bite? On the menu of Knollen en Citroenen you will find all the delicious Dutch classics.

TIP: You can take the Blue Amigo waterbus, which departs at the Erasmusbridge in Rotterdam. Simply use your OV-chipcard and sail past beautiful spots to the centre of Dordrecht in just an hour.

13. Theater Walhalla

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From live music and cabaret to theatre and stand-up, Theater Walhalla offers a wide array of events. With their itinerary, there is always something fun for you and your date to experience a special evening. Keep an eye on their website for the exact programme.

You can enjoy a drink at the venue around the performances and additionally, Walhalla’s Foyer Café opens on some days for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you and your date don’t feel like going home after the show, there is still plenty to do in the area. Theater Walhalla is located next to Fenix Food Factory and Deliplein on Katendrecht, so there is no shortage of options.


Veerlaan 11, 3072 AN Rotterdam

14. Dikke Mic

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Photo by Laura Siliquini.

If you combine Asian street food, an arcade and karaoke, you get Dikke Mic. This karaoke bar is located next to Mooie Boules, giving you plenty to do on your date. Start your evening with a game of Jeu de Boules and a board game at the neighbours, before overcoming your stage fright on the Open Mic stage or in one of Dikke Mic’s private booths.

Is your date not the next Ed Sheeran? A shot from the bar works wonders!


Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam

15. Paddy Murphy’s

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For a guaranteed good atmosphere, head to the Irish Pub. Here you can enjoy live music every night of the week, a pint of Murphy’s stout in hand.

If you’re feeling adventurous, plan your date on a Monday night, where their famous bingo starts at around 10:30 PM. This is a must-try if you live in Rotterdam!


Rodezand 15, 3011 AM Rotterdam

16. Pannenkoekenboot

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Rotterdam remains the most beautiful from the water. And what makes this even better is good company and unlimited pancakes. De Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake boat)makes for the perfect daytime date, as the boat departs daily at four different times. Choose your type of pancake and finish it off with a variety of different toppings of your choice.

Bring a game or chat while enjoying a drink, the view and of course the delicious pancakes! You can book your tickets via this link.


Parkhaven 13, 3016 GM Rotterdam

17. De Kunstavond

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Have you planned your date on a Friday night and are you looking for an original activity? Take your date to Witte de With between 18:00 and 21:00, where the weekly Kunstavond takes place at Kunstinstituut Melly, MAMA, TENT, V2_ and WORM. Stroll through the various galleries for free and admire the beautiful exhibitions.

De Kunstavond can be combined perfectly with a visit elsewhere at the Witte de With. Go for a delicious glass of wine at Het Eigendom, try the legendary nachos at Supermercado or go for a tasty beer at Bierboutique.

Want to explore more art? Then visit these museums and underground artgalleries.

That was it, 17 fun do-dates in Rotterdam! I hope this gives you plenty of inspiration and that you experience the best dates in this beautiful city. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the tips!

17 Awesome do-dates in Rotterdam - Weekends in Rotterdam (2024)


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