Marketing Guide Using Social Media For Restaurants

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The power of social media to boost the image of any brands is well known. If you are not still using it to promote and drive customers to try your restaurant, you are falling behind your competitors. Don’t let it happen! With the right strategy, you can maximize social media marketing tools to help you advertise your business.

Here are the essential steps:

Choose the most popular social media platforms

The top three are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When creating an account, always complete the information. Add your location, phone number, business operating hours, and your website link.  Use the same information you put in local listing directories such as TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and Yelp. It puts your restaurant higher in Google Map ranking.

Post awesome and visually appealing photos

Customers are attracted to visual representations of foods, drinks, and products. Entice and influence your target clients by posting beautiful photos of your restaurant and your specialty menus. Your goal is to make people say – “I want to visit that restaurant now!”.

Use videos

According to statistics, videos get more shares, likes, and reactions compare to images and text posts. Thus, it is imperative to use videos for social media marketing. Capture videos that let your customers see behind the scenes tasks. You can feature your chef while he is cooking, offer cooking tutorials, promote your new menu, and other exciting moments inside your restaurant. You can also use the Facebook Live feature to allow real-time watching.

Respond to reviews

Customers like prompt responses to their queries. Always check your accounts and respond to potential customers’ questions. It is important to avoid negative reviews that sometimes irate or frustrated customers leave in your page. By replying immediately, you can resolve the situation and talk to the customer who usually deletes the negative review after satisfying their need. Reviews help you assess the business’ strengths and weakness. Use them to improve your service and menus.

Other social media marketing strategies are Facebook advertising, creating social media contests, cross-promoting your accounts, resharing your customer’s post, and writing blogs.

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