Determining The ROI Of Your Content Marketing Campaign

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Your online presence is greatly influenced by your website content and your content marketing strategies. Content creation is the foundation of an online venture, whether it is product, service, or writing. Your marketing plan will bring great returns if you do it right.

Since you invested money, time, and effort, it is only fair that you get ROI which also indicates that your project is successful. Here are some ways to calculate it:

Evaluate spending

It is necessary to calculate your investment and return on investment equation. It is easy when you only hire a service of one content marketing agency, but if you have multiple contractors or employ people, you need to calculate all the costs in a given time. For instance, if you hire full time or part-time writers to help you in content creation, determine how much you will be paying for the number of articles they will be doing for a month during the whole duration of your boost campaign.

Convert the ROI value

Your aim is to earn money from the content you are sharing. The best way to get the result is through on-site conversions. First, establish the conversion based on how you calculate the average purchase price, then calculate your traffic.

Calculate the impact of traffic

Take note that your content creation strategy attracts organic traffic and inbound links. They increase your search engine visibility and your domain authority online. Your social traffic includes referral traffic due to your content marketing strategy. You need to tally your total content campaign conversions and multiply it to your average conversion value to get the result that is equal to your actual monthly benefit.

Review other benefits

Aside from money, there are peripheral and qualitative benefits that you need to consider to evaluate the impact of your content creation effort. These include brand reputation, brand visibility, customer retention, and your future value.

Now that you know how to calculate the ROI of your investment of content creation and marketing campaign, you will be more knowledgeable on how to level up your online success.

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